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Original Jurisdiction/Constitutional Republic form of Government

The States in red & white still need Governors:

The Original Jurisdiction Gubernatorial Election of 2015:

Legend: to the leading colored dots in chart above::
  • Black 
  • = Governor seated but their 2014 election wasn’t confirmed;
  • Green 
  • = confirmed candidate;
  • White
  • = current Governor vacating office due to term limitation; or,
  • Red
  • = Governor seat is vacant, with no new candidate yet.

    The 2015 Election:

    This year’s election was held on November 3, 2015.  There were 42 Original Jurisdiction governors in place as this year began and by the end of election-day this year there were still 42 governors in place.  Respectively, of the three states that were holding their regular elections this year (Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi) only the people of Kentucky elected to retain their Governor.  Thus, the current governors [in Louisiana and Mississippi] will need to make sure that they have each appointed a successor (Lt. Governor, etc.) to succeed them in Office before they are compelled by their term limits to leave office.  Of the other six states, listed above, only Oklahoma and Wyoming took advantage of this year's special election to elect interm governors.  The remaining four states last elected Governors still need to follow the law to make sure their respective states retain governors in their seats; which means, each of those four states names will remain in red (above) until they each, respectively, find a new Candidate to elect as Governor; in accord with the law.

    It is imparitive that we all continue to work to find candidates for each State!

    To complete the process of seating the national government A.S.A.P., we must first reseat the state governors!

    You need to support this!

    We need all of the governors, candidates and potential candidates to contact Team Law’s Trustee for training to help us reunite our nation into its original jurisdiction government and through it save the nation.

    Historical Review:

    In 1993 we discovered the original jurisdiction State governors’ seats were vacated; because the states had formed corporate entities that provided greater power and control over the people.  Thus, I (Eric William Madsen) ran for office in Colorado; and, in 1994, I was elected Governor by Colorado’s Electors.  I lawfully accepted the election and was seated in the original jurisdiction Governor’s seat.  At that same time, Roy Romer was elected as Governor of the more commonly recognized private corporation known as, “The State of Colorado” (Corp. State).  The Corp. State courts then started to subpoena me to come and testify as Governor of the original jurisdiction Republic State “Colorado”.  I responded to most those subpoenas and so testified.  After finding it next to impossible to beat us in court, the Corp. State’s sub-corporation, for Arapaho County, determined that if they could get funding from the United States Congress they could possibly beat us.

    In a separate legal action we secured all of the documents and records (receipts, etc.) regarding their representatives’ trip to Congress.  A review of those records showed, Congress sent the matter to the National Security Council who handed all of the records over to the Military’s Joint Chiefs for review.  About two weeks later, the Chief of the Joint Chiefs responded to the the open Council: “What Governor Madsen is doing out their in Colorado is legal, lawful and correct; and, if they accomplish what they have set out to do we will recognize that President of The United States of America as the President of The United States of America, Commander in Chief of the military and give them full military support.”  Though the National Security Council is purely an advisory committee, having no legislative or judicial effect, the fact remains—they recognized the truth and responded with it to Congress; who sent the supplicants away without funding.  After that, the Corp. State started to leave us alone.  The Corp. State (with its Governor’s Office, Senate, courts and Department of Revenue), the United States 10th District Court, the United States Congress, the United States National Security Council and the Joint Chiefs (of the United States of America’s military) all recognized, reviewed and accepted my election as the original jurisdiction Governor of Colorado.

    After serving as Colorado’s original jurisdiction Governor for four years, I was lawfully appointed, by the Governor, to the United States of America’s original jurisdiction Senate; so, in the final hour, as Governor, I retired from the Governor’s Office having served a full term.  The next original jurisdiction Governor of Colorado, Robert Shell, followed me into Office; and, confirmed my appointment to the original jurisdiction Senate.

    From around the country, as of November 5th, 2013, all 48 Governors have since been elected in their respective offices.  Other Senators were seated, as I was, and I was elected by them as the original jurisdiction Senate’s President pro tempore; in which office I still serve.

    Still, now that the governors are all reseated, we have work enough to do in the gigantic task of reseating our nation’s original jurisdiction Congress; followed by reseating the original jurisdiction President.  In the coming year (2014) we hope to complete the task!

    Because the Constitution provides that a State Governor can appoint and seat vacant seats for that State in the nation’s Senate; and, because the original jurisdiction Senate can seat a vacant seat of their President of the United States of America (which has not been done since 1913), the next step necessary to reseat our nation’s government is reseat the original jurisdiction Congress.

    Until I was elected, the States had not had original jurisdiction governors seated since at least 1968.  The main reason you see the problems our nation faces today is the people have forgotten what our actual government is and they instead act as if these private foreign controlled corporations (Corp. U.S. and the Corp. States) are their government.  It’s why the States are not using our national money system.  It’s why we are caught up in wars and rumors of war.  It is why Corp. U.S. is exactly following the pattern set in Adolf Hitler’s Germany, most recently by setting up a national personal identification system and the “Homeland Security Police” system after the pattern of Hitler’s “State Security Police” the dreaded SS! It is why the Corp. U.S. Congress seated Barrack Øbama as their president even though he is not a natural born Citizen and cannot qualify for the office.

    Therefore, as the nation’s sovereign landowners, to preserve our nation we must learn and follow the law to reseat our original jurisdiction government and take America back!!!

    The results will be:  All federal personal and corporate income taxes will cease!  We will go back on the gold and silver monetary standard (which the nation never left but Corp. U.S. did).  The alleged National Debt will be ended and what is owed to us will be returned.  The regime operated by Corp. U.S., which they call a Democracy but it is actually communism, will be peacefully and lawfully brought back under the control of our national Republic’s original jurisdiction government and our constitutional laws.  This will happen when Corp. U.S. is brought back into our nation’s ownership and control.  The real national government will be reset on our Constitution.  All of your rights will once again be recognized and secured.  Private Land will once again be secure to the individual sovereign nature of the people as their own private kingdoms.  And, we will have our nation back!

    If you are from anywhere in The United States of America and you are willing to help us with this national push to seat and restore our original jurisdiction government, please contact us and let us know how you can help.  Click here to help!

    Original Jurisdiction Republic State Gubernatorial Elections Map

    Interactive United States Map

    For information about the Governor of a state, click on that state’s name.

    Original Jurisdiction Constitutional Republic Presidential Elections

    Contrary to what sometimes appears to be a popular opinion (that the President is elected by the popular vote of the registered voters, from the beginning of this Constitutional Republic, the President of the United States of America has always been elected by the Electoral College.  The Electoral College is made up of Electors from each State.  In the original jurisdiction, Electors from each State are selected by the State's Electors in their local Congressional District caucus meetings.  Each such local caucus group holds and election for both the nation’s President and their delegated Elector (from among them) that will carry their vote to the Electoral College.  We are now working on filling the Electoral College by finding at least one adult landowner in each congressional district throughout the United States.

    However, the Electoral College cannot seat again until 2016; and we need to reseat our original jurisdiction President as soon as possible.  Thankfully, because Corp. U.S. failed to follow their constitution’s mandate that Congress can only seat a “natural born Citizen” as their President; and, because Corp. U.S.’ Congress seated Barrack Øbama (who is not a natural born Citizen), each member of that Congress is now subject to removal from office through a  Quo Warranto action.  Thus, have a perfect opportunity to groom new congressmen for the original jurisdiction government by helping them learn how to bring the requisite Quo Warranto actions needed to sweep Corp. U.S.’ clean of those that failed to follow that constitutional mandate.

    Accordingly, we need your help getting the job done.  We need to find people in each congressional district that are willing to send the necessary Quo Warranto request letter to Corp. U.S’s Attorney General.  A link to a sample copy of such a letter is found in paragraph “e.” at the bottom of our forum’s  Call to Action—Phase III article.

    Regarding the: Call to Action—Phase III:

    Though there is no law limiting anyone, regardless of their qualifications, from running for the office of President of the United States, the U.S. Constitution requires that: “No person except a natural born Citizen…of the United States…shall be eligible to the Office of President.”  Because the phrase “natural born Citizen” is not defined in the Constitution the meaning of the phrase comes both from the context of its English language usage and from the meaning of that term intended by the framers of the Constitution; which meaning, we will show below, is clear.  Respectively, the English language usage of the proper noun “Citizen” is specific to the God given inherent rights one has as a result of their physical birth in or related to a particular country; and, the adjective phrase “natural born”, used by the Constitution’s framers to more particularly define the quality of the required citizenship limits that quality to only those whose citizenship is defined by their “natural birth” as opposed to an operation of law.  Respectively, the only form of citizenship that is so derived (as a matter of a person’s natural birth and not a matter of law) is the condition where both the child’s mother and father are both citizens of the same country; because, if both parents are citizens from different countries then the citizenship of the child is defined as a function of law and not of the natural birth of the child.  Thus, as we look to the laws of nations at the time when the framers penned the Constitution, we find that the term “natural born Citizen”:

    1. Was well defined in, “The Law of Nationsby, Emmerich de Vattel; which book was referenced in the Constitution (in Article I) and was a syllabus used to teach law at the colleges and law schools of those times (Harvard, Yale and William & Mary’s);
    2. Was specifically defined in the statutes of Great Britain, France, etc. with words to the effect of: ‘A person born to parents both of whom are citizens of the same country’; and,
    3. Was specifically referred to in records of the time and letters between the framers of the Constitution and others and with the concern of avoiding foreign influences in the upbringing of anyone that would become President of this nation.

    Thus the meaning of the phrase cannot be reasonably be determined to define anything but ‘A person naturally born to parents both of whom are citizens of the United States.’  Thus, because Barrack Øbama’s father was not a citizen of the United States, Mr. Øbama cannot qualify for the office of President of the United States.

    Respectively, said Constitution’s 12th amendment requires Congress not only count the Electoral College’s vote but also verify that only Presidents Elect that are, otherwise constitutionally eligible as, natural born citizens can be seated in either the Office of President or Vice President: “But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that office of Vice-President of the United States.”  So, what happens if Congress fails to do its constitutionally mandated duty.  Of course, it is up to the people to hold Congress accountable.

    President Øbama’s first term in office should make it clear enough that if the people fail to take timely, proper, lawful actions to compel either the government or Corp. U.S. to follow the Constitution, no action by the government will be taken to enforce the Constitution.

    The question most people seem to have at this point is: “What is the proper lawful action for people to take in such a situation?”

    The answer is limited by several factors; because no law limits anyone from running for office, even if they do not qualify to serve in said office, no legal action, brought before the respective election, can prevail against anyone running for office challenging their capacity to serve in that office; the only kind of action that could possibly prevail over a U.S. presidential election of someone that does not qualify for the office would be an action that challenged the President Elect, after the election and before the seating of such a President.  After a President is seated, the only way to lawfully challenge their lawful ability to serve is by a Senate Impeachment.

    Thus, the only way to now lawfully contest President Øbama serving in that office is a Senate Impeachment for that cause.

    However, given that Congress failed to obey the constitutional requirement that they never seat a President unless the candidate was born of a father and a mother both of whom are citizens of the United States, it is not likely that the Senate will impeach President Øbama for that cause unless they are lawfully compelled to; by the people.

    However, because each member of Congress failed to compel Congress to properly vet President Øbama’s candidacy before seating the President Elect, each member of Congress is now subject to Quo Warranto actions.  And, given the fact that the only remedy to a Quo Warranto action is oustal from office, every member of Congress can now be replaced as a result of properly brought Quo Warranto action followed by a gubernatorial appointment of their replacement.  Thus, the result of removing every member of Congress for such a cause would simply be a clean sweep of Congress.

    Can you imagine what the first act of the newly appointed Senate would be?  Given the fact that the prior Senate was completely removed for treasonously seating a President that was not a natural born Citizen, we expect the new Senate’s first act would be, Impeachment for that cause.

    Respectively, we look at the events that have taken place since the Corp. U.S. 2012 Presidential (Popular) Election and notice things like: the States hosting movements, and submitting petitions to the Senate, for secession from the Union of States; long standing major companies (like Hostess—famous for their Twinkies and Cup Cakes) shutting down to avoid the slow demise under “ØbamaCare”; others are firing their full time employees or reducing their hours to less than 28 for the same reason—to avoid ØbamaCare; still others remove employees altogether and instead contract sole operator businesses (LLCs, etc.), all because they know their businesses could not survive under Øbama’s plans.  Also, insurance companies are canceling their old affordable insurance policies and replacing them with ØbamaCare compliant policies.  For example: the health care policy of a large single parent family that pre-ØbamaCare cost them about $200/month gets canceled with an offer for the new ØbamaCare compliant policy for that same family at a cost of only $8,000/month—which is impossible for the family to either purchase or maintain.  Thus, it is impossible for people to comply with such ridiculous demands.

    Therefore, the only way for the people to correct these injustices is learn how to learn the law and bring such Quo Warranto actions now!  To complete a clean sweep of Congress so the new Congress will impeach Øbama, we need people from every congressional district across the United States to join the movement to hold Congress accountable to the law!

    At Team Law we have always helped people learn how to learn the law firsthand from its source.  Accordingly, we are quite pleased to see that people are doing just that.  Respectively, we hope people will awaken to that necessity.

    We have also noted that we are concerned about the underlying reasons why the hidden controllers of Corp. U.S. seem to be doing everything in their power to inspire the people to rebel against Corp. U.S. and we see the effect of that underlying intent expressed in some of the State movements towards secession from the Union.  Yet, when we have interviewed with some of the people strongly involved in those movements, we find that the people getting so involved are doing so not out of any sense of remedy; but, out of frustration.  They have neither learned the law nor applied it; but, they got involved in the movement towards secession because they are so fed up with Corp. U.S. moving further and further away from our Constitution and laws that they just want out.  Most of them have not actually thought through the effect of secession to realize that would only make everything worse and would likely end in war and disaster with far worse conditions than they already have (no food, no fuel, no funds, no rights, etc.).  Most of them have simply lost hope and the secessionists have romanced them into the promise of change; but, they fail to notice the fact that those secessionist promoters have even less of a chance of honoring their promotions than they have that Øbama will keep his promises.

    Again, the only actual remedy any of us have is in learning and applying the law.  And, when brought properly, there is nothing anyone can lawfully do to thwart the process of Quo Warranto; thus, it’s now time to spread the word!  Send people to Twitter, to Facebook, to our Home Page or directly to our forum’s Call to Action—Phase III page.

    Please, contact our Trustee to either let us know how you can help or to discover how we can help you!

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    The following map is provided to help people find out which congressional district they live within.  At this time this map is linked to the Corp. U.S. database such that the links below the map can help you find out who the Congressmen are that are currently the subject of the Call to Action, Phase III—“Operation Clean Sweep” that has the capacity of bringing Corp. U.S. back under constitutional control and saving our nation.  These actions need to be brought this year!  So, please tell everyone you know about “Operation Clean Sweep.”

    You may contact us by way of our Open Forum with any support or inquiries.

    Without revealing any private information, we will do our best to verify all elections reported to us and periodically publish election results we can verify on this page.

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